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 Show Calendar

April 28- St.Philips Victoria WithSari Alesh  featuring Dave Conway, Barrie Hughes, Keith Bjorndahl, Sherry Williams and Wilf Davies

May 11- Evedar's 7-10:00 PM. Wilf, Sherry, Heidi Woods and Barrie

May 12th- All Saints by the sea Anglican Church Saltspring Island with Sari Alesh
Dave Conway, Keith, barrie and Sherry.

May 17th- St. Mary's Anglican Church Metchosin with Sari Alesh, Dave Conway 
Sherry, Wilf, Barrie and Keith

May 19th- Duncan Showroom with Sari Alesh, Sherry,Wilf, Dave Conway, Barrie and Keith

May 25th - Evedar's with Sherry, Barrie and Wilf

June 8th &0's Birthday party 2:00-7:00 by invitation. Featuring Wilf  Davies, Mike Sampson , Burke Rosen and David Halliwell

June 14th- Southbound at the Spiral

Aug. 25th Private Party 
Oct 7th Spiral Cafe
Oct.27th Duncan Showroom with Natasha Wilson 
Nov. 8th Spiral Cafe

Nov.17 All Saints by the Sea Saltspring island

Dec. 7th Spiral caf
1.   Jan 5th Phillip Young Centre university of Victoria  with Sari Alesh
2.   Feb 22nd Spiral Cafe
3.   Math 8th Dunan showroom Duncan BC Sar Alesh
4.   March 11th Wellesley Victoria BC
5.   March 22nd Shoal enter, Sidney bc  Sari Alesh
6.   March 21st Spiral Cafe
7.   April 4th  Private Party
8.   April 18th Spiral Cafe
9.   April 25th Private Party Fulford Hall, Saltspring Island
10.  May 9th Spiral cafe
11.  June 13th Spiral cafe
12.  June 20th Shirley hall, Shirley BC
13.  July 4th Private party

March 8th


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